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My son, Charlie!

I’ve taken some time off from my music career throughout my pregnancy and with the birth of my son, Charlie.  I love being a mother and like every other mom, I am trying to find the balance between having a career and family.  I have been and will be taking fewer gigs until I feel…

Big Boi & Friends

Crown Royal Black poured drinks in celebration of their new sponsor Big Boi and his custom designed Crown Royal bag. He and his friend’s Pill, Killer Mike, and Rock D. the Legend took the stage and blessed the intimate setting of Door 44. Big Boi & Friends

Master of the Mix Audition 6-1-11

This morning at 9:30am I arrived with my favorite co-pilot DJ K0ntr0l to the 7 Stages Theater in Little 5 Points Atlanta. Written on the marquee appropriately read “Master of the Mix Season 2 Auditions.” We had both prepared our 2 minute sets for the judges yesterday, and truly for the past 14 years spinning…

Flossy Lady

It’s 1 a.m. so technically it’s Wednesday. This means tomorrow it’s Thanksgiving. I’m feeling the holiday spirit, and having family come together always feels like a nostalgic memory played in present. Living in the moment fully perhaps. With everything happening in the next month of travel, reunions, and upcoming gigs, I’m putting together a new…

Fever Event

The launch of “Fever” shoe line at Mason Murer Gallery was packed with press, celebs, and amazing footwear. Supplying the music was your very own DJ Camille entertaining the crowd and providing the soundtrack for the runway!